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Rimac Nevera

Have you ever conceived of a Croatian marque aggressively changing the whole Hypercar game? Let’s delve into one of the most colossal car launches from 2021.
Presenting you, the world’s fastest accelerating production car currently – The Rimac Nevera. Almost twice the power of an F1 car, this is an EV we are talking about!

I mean, we have already attested to the likes of the Lotus Evija and the Pininfarina Batista, but Rimac has taken it to a whole new level.

As of now, the brand Rimac is sort of like an authority in the electric hypercar scene, after the recent merger between Bugatti and Rimac. The legendary French supercar manufacturer, notoriously known for their 1000+ hp W16 engines will be heavily relying on Rimac to pursue an electric future together.

But let’s not digress further and get to the crux of the monstrous capabilities of the Nevera.

So… what is all the fuss about? Well for starters, Nevera is one of the handful of production cars that pack over 1.4 MW (1,914 hp) of power – the other ones being Pininfarina Battista and Lotus Evija. While benchmark hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Regera have massive internal combustion engines, the Nevera obviously boasts an all-electric powertrain. And to good effect! With 4 independent motors powering the wheels, the Nevera is not only blazing fast on the straights, but can also beat its ICE competitors on the most demanding of racetracks.

The claimed range of 550 km and ultra-fast charging capability seem to make the Nevera a practical hypercar. However, the small 120 kWh battery pack all but warns the user to not floor the pedal unless there is an hour to spare every few minutes! The battery pack doesn’t help much in making the hypercar lightweight either: the Nevera weighs over 2 tonnes. However that doesn’t stop the car from accelerating 0 to 60 mph in 1.97 seconds.

Here goes a few other appalling highlights of the Nevera :
-Huge range: 550 km on WLTP
-¼ mile time (0-402 m): 8.6 s
-Top speed: 412 km/h / 258 mph
-22 min 0-80% SOC
-120 kWh of battery seems way too small (but it’s still the largest in any EV)
-Largest cfrp monocoque chassis
-More structural rigidity than LeMans P1 cars

If you have a 2.5 mil to flaunt with, this electric hypercar is absolutely worth every penny of it.


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