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The Audi Grand Sphere.

“Our aim must be that an Audi always feels like an Audi, even if the driver becomes a passenger”- says Markus Duesmann, the CEO.
This dramatically appealing design you see is apparently the future of Audi. And that future like most big marques, means one thing – autonomous driving.

The Audi Grand Sphere Concept.

Believe it or not, but as of today, we are reaching more closer to a forthcoming of cars like these, than ever before. Having said that, let me introduce you to the Audi Grand Sphere concept. The headline here is that, Audi actually plans on its production within three years from now!

Whilst having a strikingly futuristic exterior, the interior has more visual treat to offer. Audi completely skips the tradition of a dashboard, and also conceals the steering wheel and pedals unless they’re needed. The design team at Audi is all about redefining what we call conventional, with minimalism as their fundamental philosophy.
Everything in the inside consists of premium wood, synthetic fabrics, wool, and metals.
The whole idea is to facilitate the passenger(s) to carelessly while away their time in luxury while the vehicle traverses miles.

But that would be just the starters. This car is entirely capable of anticipating passengers coming towards it, and can automatically open the doors while implementing individual profile settings corresponding to each one of them. The tech as Audi calls it, is the pathway identification technology.

The interior is also wrapped up in ample virtual-reality. All infotainment systems inside function with the aid of VR glasses!
Furthermore, the Grand Sphere also includes a suite of tech like eye-tracking, advanced gesture control, voice and handwritten input controls.

By now, you would be wondering about the powertrain. It goes without saying that the Grand Sphere is an EV. Developed on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), the car runs on a 120 kWh battery pack and two electric motors (one for each axle). This translates to an output power of 711 hp and a torque of 708 lb-ft. 0 to 62 mph would be achieved within 4.0 seconds according to Audi.

The Audi Grand Sphere charging.

The impressive 800-volt charging tech would make the Grand Sphere capable of adding a 186 mile range within just 10 mins.
On a single charge, the vehicle gives you 466 miles of range. On paper, all of this sounds super impressive, but we would have to wait and see how much of the concept would be implemented in production.

The Grand Sphere is supposedly a statement and more importantly Audi’s showmanship of their upcoming flagship EV, which has definitely got a way longer wheelbase than the Audi A8!


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