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The 21st Century Countach.

How often have you witnessed a marque revive one of their old nameplate with an entirely new trim almost after a 30 year gap?
If so, that ought to be a legendary car.
Hell yes it is!!
Coz it’s the effing Lamborghini Countach we are talking about!

The good old Lamborghini Countach. Courtesy : Robin Trajano.

The car that set the entire trend and standards for an upcoming supercar era, way back in 1974. The car that introduced the concept of wedged design dynamics into the automobile industry for the first time.

The new Lamborghini Countach.

The Countach is as iconic amongst  supercars, as the three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car model no. 1 is to the entire car universe – I hope that analogy pretty much pretty much explains the picture for the uninitiated.

Point being made, without further ado let’s start talking specs and powertrain.
Obviously, the Countach wouldn’t happen without a V-12. The 6.5 litre naturally aspirated engine produces an output power of 769-hp by itself. Add to that a 34-hp, thanks to Lamborghini’s 48 Volt supercapacitor tech. So yeah, it’s a hybrid, that cranks out a combined power of 803-hp.
0 to a 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. 0 to 124 mph would be a 8.6 seconds. Top speed?
221 mph. Hands down, the most ruthless Countach ever.

The hybrid setup mentioned earlier is actually borrowed from the Siàn FKP 37.
However the highlight here is the design of this reboot. Do you guys think this one here is worthy of the name Countach?
Well, I could safely say that this reincarnation do resemble the original Countach from the 20th century. The wedge shape, angular wheel arches, side intakes, the roof, and the tapered ends of the car are actual elements that have been directly adopted. Having said that, I do believe, the design isn’t purely Countach based. There’s also inspiration from other Lamborghinis and many  parameters from the 80’s which are generic.

Die hard Countach fans may find this reboot a bit underwhelming. There are probably many design features of the Countach that have been skipped – the pop-up headlights, the Testarossa-inspired side strakes that appeared on the 25th Anniversary Countach and so on. But let’s also have realistic expectations if we would also like some modernity blended into the Countach that stopped production in 1990.

Lamborghini has officially declared that they would only roll out 112 of these, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Countach. Probably this is also their way of giving a grand send-off to Lamborghini’s golden V-12 era, before kick starting the electric revolution.

Did we talk pricing yet? Expect something around a 3 million USD!

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