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BMW X family’s most exclusive cars unveiled.

Black is nothing but libidinous. You know what’s even more sexy? A Beamer in black. Now, Buckle up for some real visual treat and
meet the Black Vermilion Edition X5 and X6.
If you have a higher appetite for what I could delicately mention as ‘mature’, check out the X7 in Frozen Black Edition guise too.

BMW X5 Vermilion Edition.

Apparently, BMW has only focused on the styling department in designing these updated trims, that are currently BMW’s sharpest quivers in its X family. That means mechanical aspects and performance is more or less untouched. But at this point, let’s be honest to ourselves, do we even care all that much? So would be the case with the exclusive super-rich customer base BMW is targeting. Only 50 units of the X5 and X6 Black Vermilion Edition would be available worldwide except in the US. Even more amusingly, only 5 units of the X7 Frozen Black Edition would be ever made.

Let’s get talking with the eye-catching design enhancements on the Vermillion Edition cars. BMW’s first order of business was to integrate and contrast flashes of red with Frozen Black Mettalic paint. BMW’s signature kidney grille bars are finished in red, illuminated brilliantly by LED. They did not stop it with that – have a look at those red brake callipers concealed partially within the matte Orbit Gray 22-inch wheels, which are exclusive to this edition.

In the inside, its piano black trim, with a ‘Black Vermillion Edition’ badge on the cup holder cover. Merino Black leather is offered as a default option, with woven red detailing on the seats. An impressive red carpet edging compliments the whole black and red setup.

Moving on to the Frozen Black Edition X7, as the name tells, the entire car is dipped in pure black. This black beauty is all about singularity when it comes to the paint job. There is no red involvement like the Vermillion Edition. Even those brake callipers are gloss black in color.

The Vermilion Edition and the Frozen Black Edition X7 could be ordered with the same kit as the standard car, which includes massaging seats, a panoramic sunroof and a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond stereo.
Another element that deserves a mention is the captivating crystal glass controls, I mean just look at them!

Both editions go on sale with every powertrain available for each of their original cars. Prices in Germany hower around at a 93,200 Euros for the BMW X5 Black Vermilion and 100,700 Euros for the BMW X6 Black Vermilion. The Frozen Black X7 would be a 108,700 Euros. Sadly for the Americans, the launch would be limited to the X5 Vermillion Edition costing around an 82 grand. However there would be a run of 350 of them!


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