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Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition

Brabus has a coveted repute amongst all tuning companies on the planet for coming up with inconceivable cars with bizzare performance.

Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition. Courtesy : Brabus

This year however, Brabus seemingly went the extra mile to defy physics. Atleast that is how it looks like, when you see an SUV that weighs about a 2.5 tons, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.
As the nomenclature here suggests, the Brabus G 900 is powered by an absurd 900 hp V-8. Brabus also upgraded the displacement of the former G63 to 4.5 litres.
Did we talk about torque yet? Hold your jaws when I say its a 1250 Nm. Though it’s electronically limited to 1050 Nm for the sake of not ripping the drivetrain.
Well for that case, even the top speed is limited to 174 mph since the tires can’t take more.

In the past, we have talked about quite a few high performance cars which were marginally quicker and faster than this, but all this on a G Wagon that almost replicates a cinder block in terms of aerodynamics can’t go underappreciated! Brabus has come a long way in achieving such a feat.

We still haven’t gotten to the detailing part yet. Coz there’s plenty and that long list might bore you guys without getting to see it for real. Apart from those, there are a few that instantly catches the eye, from the exterior. The humongous 24-inch wheels, those mean bumpers, and that immense hood scoop for starters!
To top them all, this time Brabus gives the buyers an infinite set of paint jobs to choose from. Usually Brabus never used to go beyond black or grey. The presentation cars for the unveil event were however in signature black and stealth gray.

Anyhow, if you would want one, you might have to fall within the definition of opulent,  for Brabus is intending to only sell 25 of these price label of €571,000 German VAT included. That would come up to 681,000 USD.

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