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2019 Tesla Model X (Throwback to one of the greatest EVs)

The 2019 Tesla Model X.
📸 @fullthrottlegram (Instagram handle)

These beautiful pictures that are more than an year old, pay homage to one of the most eccentric vehicles ever made. Tesla’s SUV, the Model X is one of the quickest cars ever. It goes from a 0 to 62 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds – pretty much in the league of Bugattis, Ferraris, McLarens or any other super car you name it. But I digress, the whole essence is that this kind of performance was purely derived from a couple of electric motors, contrary to most hypercars at the time powered by internal combustion engines with an embarrassing number of cylinders.

The 2019 Tesla Model X.
📸 @fullthrottlegram (Instagram handle)

Tesla was one of the first in breaking a common notion that EVs are underpowered counterparts to ICE cars. The Model X was designed and built with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Being the quickest SUV in the world, the Model X has got other things to boast about too.

The falcon doors are a design marvel. I mean look at them! That’s the kind of symmetry and proportions that would even make Da Vinci proud. They elevate vertically but don’t go and hit the ceiling (if any) thanks to the smart sensors on board.

The symmetrical falcon doors.
📸 @fullthrottlegram (Instagram handle)

Now let’s talk some imposing technicalities that this beauty could boast. With the vehicle being charged upto 100% it can attain a range of 507 kms. Within 15 mins of charging, the Model X could reach a 179 km range. That’s like the kind of specs only ‘the big T’ could beat with their higher variant cars. Even today, most EVs would fail to hit that mark.

This example, has a battery packed with 503 horses to produce an impressive instant torque of 660 Nm. The kind of insane torque you could only feel, while driving a Tesla. And this was two years ago! A 2021 Tesla Model X would have an output power anywhere between 670 hp to a 1000 hp!

The 2019 Tesla Model X.
📸 @fullthrottlegram (Instagram handle)

The Model X handles comparatively better to other SUVs owing to the weight of its battery back under the floor of the vehicle.

Speaking of the autopilot (autonomous driving) on the Model X – The autopilot mode with the aid of 12 ultrasonic sensors, a few cameras and radars can scan the traffic and people. The system infers where the car is relative to the ongoing traffic for itself and drives accordingly and even change lanes when there’s a possibility.
Tesla has started the trend on a wide scale by implementing the system on their production cars, and from what I can say, it works pretty okay with the occasional occurrence of few glitches, but nevertheless it is a courageous step by any auto maker.

The interior of the vehicle is a delight, with its 17 inch infotainment screen and the glass wind shield which is extended to the roof. The glass on the roof part is however tinted to prevent sun glare.

The 2019 Tesla Model X.
📸 @fullthrottlegram (Instagram handle)

If you are looking forward to buying a 2021 facelifted Tesla Model X, it could cost you atleast a 91 grand (91k USD). The starting prices in the EU are a bit more expensive and cuts close to a humongous 96,000 Euros.

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