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Rolls Royce Boat Tail, the world’s most expensive car at 28 mil!

There was a time, pre WW II era, when Rolls Royce was the authority on exclusive coachbuilding. Apparently, after the 90s that exclusivity of the Rollers took a drop. Howbeit, in 2017, Rolls Royce made a one-off called the Sweptail, which was the then most expensive car on the planet with a $12 million price tag.

Well, this here is the Rolls Royce Boat Tail, that RR teased yesterday, priced at a staggering 28 million USD, which is now the world’s most expensive automobile de-throning Bugatti’s Chiron-based La Voiture Noire which is close to a 14 mil.

Ordered by an uptown, filthy rich couple, this 6 metre long
grand tourer with a detachable canopy is inspired from the engineering of J-Class yachts (J yachts are race-yachts, just in case you were wondering) and a rare series of RR cars from 1932 which was also called the Boat Tail. And guess what! This couple also boasts ownership to a recently restored 1932 RR Boat Tail!
Ostensibly, it was no coincidence that the couple commissioned this whole dream project to Rolls Royce to see them come up with a modern day Boat Tail from 2021. Besides when you’re absurdly wealthy, how could Rolls Royce ever say no.

This magnificent mongrel of a luxury yacht and a car, is entirely based on RR’s aluminium architecture. The designers at Rolls Royce had a hard eight months of time to work along the proportions of their prestige project.
With a 563 bhp 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 engine under the hood, there also comes an extravagant ‘picnic set’ at the rear of the vehicle. This ‘picnic set’ that unfolds itself within its butterfly-fashioned deck, comes with a double-fridge to chill your favourite champagne and another side completely dedicated for your grubs which also comes with a cutlery and crockery set custom-made by Christofle.

The cabin is another deal. Apparently, this couple would only go for a minimalist dashboard, but not without a pair of sophisticated Swiss timepieces (Bovey), that would need high precision engineering to ensure its unaffected tik-tok while the Boat Tail sails. Speaking of time and timing, we do not have any 0 to 60 acceleration time revealed by RR yet. But seriously, at this point who even cares!

There are only going to be three of these ever. Not surprisingly, their super affluent
owners have managed to maintain their anonymity.

Photo Courtesy : Rolls Royce

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