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The only hypercar in the world without a windshield ; McLaren Elva.

This is not an exotic UFO randomly taking a spin through the airport road in Toronto. This is the McLaren Elva.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Notice anything surprising yet?
That’s right! This vehicle has got absolutely no windshield, no roof or any windows for that matter.

Well now you may ponder about the incredible hassle of driving it out in the open. It’s only reasonable to think like that, given that this automobile looks like a serious machine to be driven in colossal velocities, which indeed, can’t be more true.

To solve this predicament, there is a massive air duct in the front of the vehicle wrapped up with carbon-fibre. However this is just the starter.

With the push of a button, you could actually emerge a wall from within the car’s bonnet that serves the purpose of a wind deflector. This wind deflector creates a bubble of
“calm air” that surrounds you, when you take this machine for a joyride.

The duct behind the wall, on the bonnet pushes out all the air around and over the car at a speed of
45 km/h, creating a pocket of breeze that soothes you out entirely. What’s even more insane is that, you could actually have this comforting and tranquilizing air all over you when you are cruising at a 200 kmph, beyond which you would wanna rely on your special edition McLaren helmet that comes with the Elva.

Courtesy : McLaren Automotive

You would never witness this tech in any other open-top car than the Elva. McLaren calls this the active air management system.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Unlike most McLaren cars, you could actually hear the sweet rumble of its V8 biturbo straight from its exhaust pipes since you’re literally out in the open when you’re driving it.
This is more or less a break in the tradition of McLaren cars having a relatively silent cabin.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

The beautiful quad exhaust in the rear of the vehicle is literally a stimulant for my fidelity to its design. The specialty here is that two of them are far apart whilst the other two are quite close to each other. The ones that are farther are the ones that are visible on the rear grille.

But why?
This arrangement is to tune up a distinctive sound from the exhaust. The two clingy exhaust pipes facing toward the top, (which are not quite visible on the outside) create a high frequency roar, and on the other hand the pipes that are set far apart from each other on the rear grille accounts for a low frequency growl. The combination of the two tunes together is sheer magic.

Now let’s talk some numbers. The Elva hits 60 mph (100 kmph) in under 3 seconds and beats the mighty McLaren Senna hands down in reaching a 124 mph. And that would be within a mere 6.7 seconds. That’s right! A V-8 that accelerates to a 200 kmph within 6.7 seconds!!

I’m guessing, it wouldn’t be a gross shock if I said only 149 of these solitary examples of engineering-art were ever made. Each of them come with a base price tag of 1.7 million Euros or around a 2 million USD.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

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