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The Targa 4s Heritage Edition, a tribute to the 911!

The Targa 4S Heritage Edition is one of the finest trims of the Porshe 911 Family. Its Limited Edition plaque declares the rarity of the vehicle, as there are only 992 units of them ever made.

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Inspired by the Porsche 356, which was indeed one of the most coveted automobiles back in the 50s, this heritage edition Porsche, is a sweet reminiscence of the German auto history.

This beauteous beast you see right here is in its exclusive ‘Cherry Red Mettalic’ finish. Porsche Design here, has done a marvellous job in integrating its nostalgic motorsport past with the present modernity of the marque.

Speaking of their motorsport history, we gotta address, what’s concealed within the hood ;
It has a Twin Turbo Six Cylinder 2981 cc engine thats comes with the 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission and produces a neat 443 BHP. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and can attain a top speed of 188mph.

These notorious technicalities of the car however, wouldn’t stand in the way of its cosy interior. Porsche offers magnificent 2-tone leather interiors. The buyers can choose from Black/Atacama Beige OLEA cub leather.

As for an infotainment system, there is a
7-inch instrument cluster which matches to the vibe of its interior-elegance.

This Heritage Edition trim costs over a 180 grand ballpark. (180k USD)
Unfortunately, if you would want one this year, you could probably only buy it from one of the owners, most likely paying an even higher price.

Nevertheless for those Porsche enthusiasts, Porsche is planning to launch its new upgrade every year for the Targa 4s Heritage Edition with more exclusive paint jobs and classic-design elements.

What do you think of the Heritage Edition Targa 4s? Is this a reverence to the past or an overkill? Leave a comment below.

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