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2022 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe

Alpina Automobiles just unveiled their variant of the 8-series Gran Coupe. The car as is, is one hell of a treat to the eyes. Alpina here, has enhanced the design further and maintained the power specifications from the high-performance M8 trims.

The wheels are another highlight, like a cherry to the cake. They are 21 inches long with the beautiful Alpina badge.
Speaking of the badge, the wheels are not the only place where it stays grand, they are plenty in numbers inside the cabin too.
The leather inside is seemingly exclusive.

The B8 is also available in Blue Hue paint  color which is a deviation from the standard trim.

Performance :

We have the same 4.4-litre V-8 engine from the M850i trims. However in practicality they produce an extraordinary 612 hp and a
590 lb-ft torque. This is like way out of M850i’s league which has an inferior 523 hp power. The B8 is 5 horses short of being equated with the output power of the M8 competition trim (617 hp).

In terms of acceleration, we have a decent 3.3 seconds time for the B8 to get to
60 mph. This figure might be a bit of a cautious quote, considering the M8 Competition Coupe only requires 2.5 seconds.

Pricing and availability :
The Alpina B8 is expected to roll out in the later half of the year. The starting price would be around 140k USD (9 grand more than the M8 Competition Gran Coupe).

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