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Classics Electrified

Electrification is the ineluctable future for automobiles in the coming years. EVs have evolved into practical daily-drives and performance vehicles from the dubious repute that many automobile enthusiasts had in its formative years of development.

Howbeit in the present scenario, almost every major car maker is coerced into bringing an all-electric variant of their flagship trims to the market. Carbon emissions has been a serious predicament, and in eventuality, EVs have become the need of the hour.

Given that millions of ICE cars are already on road, polluting the planet with bounteous amounts of carbon monoxide, one of the best bets would be to replace these internal-combustion drivetrains with electric motors. As novel and skeptical as it may sound, Lunaz Design, a car manufacturer based in the UK, has already implemented this, and figured their way out to scale the tech.

Range Rover Classic converted into an EV.
📸 @alexpenfold (Instagram handle)
Range Rover Classic converted into an EV.
📸 @alexpenfold (Instagram handle)
The Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur.
The Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur.

Lunaz Design has practically converted rare British classics like the James Young Bentley S2 2-door coupe (only 4 of them exist as of today), Rolls Royce Panthom V, the Jaguar XK120, the old Range Rover etc.

The James Young Bentley Mulsanne.
The Jaguar XK120, now an Electric Jaguar XK.
Photoshoot from the plant.

These are exclusive pieces of automobiles, that would otherwise be dwelling inside museums or in the garages of the super rich never to see the light of the day, owing to their quixotic fuel effeciencies.

The newly converted electric Jaguar XK.
The Rolls Royce Panthom V.
Old vs New. Petrol vs Electric. It would atleast be 2025, when Bentley would unveil their first electric vehicle. However Lunaz Design has accomplished making an all-electric Bentley, 5 years ahead of Bentley Motors.
The Jaguar XK120.

‘Upscaling’ is the word. Lunaz Design believes that this project of upscaling classic relics of autos like these, would indeed render a new purpose to them in the current era, restoring their legacies.

Well these classics are not just converted into EVs, additionally they are integrated into the functionalities of a modern day car : power-steering, uprated brakes and suspension, air conditioning and Apple Car Play infotainment.

The Bentley Flying Spur.

“Our process starts with an exhaustive restoration, down to the bare metal. Every car is weighed to the gram and laser scanned to ensure technical perfection at every stage of the process. Traditional coachbuilding and restoration skills are married to cutting edge manufacturing techniques to create cars that combine classic aesthetics with the usability and reliability of their modern equivalent”, says Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead.

Special thanks to @alexpenfold and @lunazdesign for these beautiful pictures.

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