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That untold supercar of the 90’s ; Jaguar XJ220

When it comes to supercars, the Ferraris, Lambos and Bugattis are well known to all. However, back in the early 90’s the fastest supercar was a Jaguar. The Jaguar XJ220 is not so iconic like other super cars and that’s why it has been rare and exclusive all these years.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

There’s only 218 of this mid-engine supercar all over the world. The name XJ220 is derived from it’s top speed ‘220 mph’ as claimed by Jaguar. Technically though, only 217 mph was achievable. The XJ220 was once the ‘FASTEST production car’ for around a year. Sadly Jaguar couldn’t retain the throne, after the McLaren F1 entered the supercar scene ; precisely why the XJ220 got overshadowed and eventually became the forgotten supercar.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Jaguar initially planned on making this a V-12 powered supercar, unfortunately when the car finally hit production it was given only a V6 which apparently become a big no no to the prospective customers who had pre booked the car years before the release. Some of them even sued Jaguar to get their deposits back. Despite of all that, the XJ220 is still a gem of an automobile built by passionate engineers at the time.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)
📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)
There are 4 gauges embedded to the door, which when closed gives a cockpit like impression to the driver.

The XJ220 introduced the “Start Button” for ignition concept. However the starting up process still required the need of a key, so let’s say this was the precursor to the “Push button to Start” technology. Remember, the year was 1992!

The rear-view lights are built inside the grill. An element of unique design indeed!
📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

The wheels of the Jaguar doesn’t look like that of a typical supercar, rather it is so plain and eloquent. Another aspect which was not so supercar-ish is the transmission. Most supercars back then had already introduced 6 speed transmission. However, the XJ220 inspite of being the fastest car managed with a simple straightforward 5 speed transmission.

The XJ220 had immense dimensions.
📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Another deal that put off the car in the supercar market was it’s immense size. People really couldn’t imagine a huge car like that cruising at a top speed of 220 mph. Things have changed over the years and now XJ220 is gaining significance as a relic of the past among world renowned car collectors.

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Engine : V6 3.5 L
Acceleration : 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds
Top speed : 220 mph (360 kmph)
Power : 540 hp
Torque : 475 lb-ft (645 Nm)




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