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Ariya, a new ‘leaf’ (the electric future) for Nissan.

“I’m not afraid to say that, this is probably the most technologically advanced car that Nissan has made in its history, so we’re putting all of our resources and know-how behind this car.”

That’s the statement straight from the Senior Vice President of Nissan, Ivan Espinosa.

Nissan is back to the EV game after the Ariya has been officially unveiled and it is at it with the boldest move to challenge Tesla’s Model Y. The 2022 Ariya is expected to roll out on road in mid 2021. What’s even more interesting is that, the starting price is an optimal 40k USD, which would mean it’s affordable to the typical car buyer.

Even at such rates, Ariya beats E-Tron and I-Pace in terms of range. The top variant is expected to have a 300 mile range (that is with the 87 kWh battery pack) which almost equals the Model Y range.

As stated by the Vice President already, expect the best tech by Nissan on the Ariya. It has ripped off the torque split system from Nissan GT-R to provide optional all-wheel drive. It’s estimated that the Ariya does the 0 to 60 feat in under 5 seconds. Well that’s definitely something for an EV.

Speak of automated driving or auto-pilot which is the trend among most EVs, you have Nissan’s ProPilot Assist 2.0 which is Nissan’s equivalent of the driver assistance system. We do not know much about it as of now, however features like lane keeping, distancing, and automated speed control are definitely included. Ariya is also expected to have hands-free driving on highways and ofcourse with an active driver monitoring system. Such a system is only available in the Cadillac’s super cruise till date. Tesla’s autopilot requires the hands to be on the steering wheel. Well, even Ford has promised a similar hand’s-free driving experience for its Mustang Mach E (expected in 2021), so it’s just a matter of time to wait and see the deals.

The interior design is basically following the footsteps of the modern day cars with minimalism, huge screens and minimal number of buttons or knobs. Nissan has converted its traditional cockpit functions to touch sensitive elements.

Here’s a question to Tesla and EV fan boys – From the first impressions we have, would you consider the Ariya from Nissan?

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Founder, Content Creator at The Krankshaft.

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