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Quite a few people who have talked to me about our blog are clueless about the term “Krankshaft” or what it actually signifies. So I thought I’d rather do the needful for the uninitiated car folks, via this post. The Krankshaft originally spelt ‘Crankshaft’ is one of the most integral elements in an automobile unless it’s an Electric Vehicle. EVs run on electric motors, hence there aren’t any internal combustion engines and pistons involved. What a ‘Crankshaft’ does is convert the up and down motion of the pistons into rotatory motion for the wheels. In other words a crankshaft is what that makes the wheels turn.

Wondering why I even started off with this?
Coz the AMG GT Black Series is unveiled, which is currently and officially the fastest on-road Mercedes.

That’s with an optimised and evolved improvisation over the predecessor “GT-R” 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8. This time too it’s the same engine platform however, with a flat-planed crankshaft rather than a cross-planed crankshaft. To explain this without getting much into the engineering, I would say in a flat-planed one we have the crankpin journals (to which the pistons are attached), aligned at 180 degrees to each other, whilst on a cross-planed one we have them phased at 90 degrees to each other. This would mean an even firing of pistons. 1-8-2-7-3-6 is the firing order of the 8 pistons. However such an even firing order would not be possible on the former cross-planed crankshaft.

Now what does such an ‘even firing of pistons’ mean for the Black Series? Well that translates to significantly higher RPM and higher torque at lower revvs. 590 lb-ft of torque is available for a RPM as low as 2000.

Oh and by the way, it’s 720 horses under the hood for the Black Series, which is a major glow up for the AMG GT line up. A reply to the 700 horsepower Porsche 911 GT2 RS.
The Black Series does the 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.1 seconds, 124 mph within 9 seconds and then to a top speed of 201 mph which isn’t advised on road.

Aero is the next big thing that deserves attention. Ofcourse the engineers at AMG have put in their blood and sweat to design the car based on the company’s GT-3 race car. And that’s evident from the front grill itself, for it’s seemingly adopted from the GT-3. The entire body is carved with many vents and inlets to fuel air into the engine. Besides all of that, there’s an insane spoiler on the rear which is intended to generate downforce. Mostly every element on the car is carbon-fibre to reduce weight. And all of this speaks for the impressive 400 kg downforce at 155 mph.

I guess the real challenge was to keep the car road legal even whilst such aggressive designing. Speaking of cost, expect a steep rise over the 200k USD tag price of the GT-R. This is going to be way more than that.

Photo Courtesy : AMG

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