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Lucid Air

Talk about sleek? Talk about the lowest drag coefficient? Talk about an EV that could do the quarter mile drag quicker than the Bugatti Chiron and beat Tesla at the range game?

A month ago, Lucid Motors (a relatively new automotive firm based in California) unveiled their  final production version of the Lucid Air.
The Lucid Air is seemingly the upcoming fastest sedan, with the fastest charging battery, the longest electric range and the most aerodynamic sedan on earth.
Its outright design is based on just one line that goes around the car ; everything else seems fluid like.

The entirety however is reliant on the subtle vents, air holes placed at smart locations throughout the vehicle bringing down the drag coefficient to an all time low : 0.21. Until now it was the Mercedes Benz A-Class sedan that could brag about having the lowest drag amongst any production vehicle in the world. Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson who previously worked for the Tesla Model S, claims that their Lucid Air is going to be the most aerodynamic effecient car ever made, after they roll out in 2021.

The optimised front end of the car does a great deal for this standard of aerodynamics. Speaking of the face of the car, the lighting is the most engaging element which consists of one sleek lighting-blade using a technology called micro-lens array. This yields a really small energy effecient aperture with a great deal of precision for lighting.

The battery pack and the motors powering the car are really compact making the vehicle incredibly light offering a lot of inner space.

Every little tiny bit included in the design was sketched thought of the closest and most possible aircraft like outline to a car. This speaks tons for the kind of performance the Lucid Air delivers.

The flagship variant of the Air promises a staggering range of 832 kilometers on one single charge, that is a solid 23 percent higher than what a Model S could offer.
Furthermore, it does the quarter mile race in under 10 seconds, 9.9 to be precise. A Bugatti Chiron does this in 10.3 seconds. The dual motor variant produces an output power of 1080 hp. Such impressive numbers, do a solid to the coveted reputation Lucid Motors is trying to launch with in the EV market.

The interior boasts an alcantra rich cabin space with a 34-inch touch-screen curved out of a single piece of Glass, for the driver with an assisted “Pilot Panel touch” as a central console to control other aspects of the vehicle. What’s cooler? You could drag down the stuff you’ve been doing on the 34-inch upper screen to the central console panel with just a slide which makes it way more easier to touch and operate the functionalities for the driver or say the co-passenger on many instances.

Adding to the beauty, we have an entire glass canopy that gracefully integrates with the windshield. This is supported within a pure aluminium frame from the exterior.

The Lucid Air has got the most enormous trunk or say frunk space (280 Litres) in the class of sedans and crossovers put together, since the drivetrain and the motors powering the wheels are extraordinarily compact.

On the face of it, Lucid is all set to take down the Tesla dominance from the EV arena. However with a 169K USD starting price for their Dream Edition (the flagship) I would still say it’s an electric car way out of the commoner’s league.

Photo courtesy : @lucidmotors (Instagram handle)

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Founder, Content Creator at The Krankshaft.

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